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Design Your Own Brynnda Bag!

Brynnda is a bookworm, play it by the rules, goody-two shoes.  She's often found behind her laptop or deep in her books. This girl always knows where everything is with her two large pockets to help keep her organized and those papers neat.

Customize your Brynnda with the fabrics of your choice to make Brynnda a one of a kind purse.  Closes with a high quality nickel or gold clasp on the flap and has a plastic bottom insert.

Approximate Measurements: 14" x 12" 3.5"

Inside lining is a strong canvas material.  Please leave a note in the comments at checkout as to which inside canvas color you would like (see picture).  If no comment is left, we will choose for you.  

This bag was made especially for you by a woman hired in our community who otherwise would not have work.  Click here to read more. 

Add a COLORED tassel to match your beautiful custom bag!

*** Placement of fabric pattern may vary from image above ***
*** Check here for current estimated ship times for your custom bag ***